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chamber opera northwest

CHAMBER OPERA NORTHWEST, now in it's sixth season, on the roster of King Country 4 Culture since 2002, continues to bring innovative opera productions to the Pacific Northwest. It is our mission to make this rich and historic art form accessible to new and experienced audiences of all ages, through performance, education and outreach. We offer traditional works by Mozart or Puccini, contemporary Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein, as well as works by Northwest composers. Our staged and costumed productions with piano accompaniment provide opportunities for Northwest audiences to enjoy a wealth of local talent. Our updated English-language version of The Impresario by Mozart was the first ever opera performance at the Seattle Fringe Festival.

left Chamber Opera Northwest Choice of Opera fully staged or in concert form.

Contact: Marianne Weltmann, Producer


Performance Description: Staged costumed chamber operas (seria and buffa) featuring Northwest singers with piano accompaniment and/or the Concert Opera Quartet in performance of arias, duets, and ensembles. In works by such composers as Mozart, Puccini, Bernstein, Wolf-Ferrari, Stravinski, Rossini or Strauss we take you to the backstage battle of two divas, betrayal and revenge on the waterfront, to latte-land and Old London Town, sitcom home of a yuppie couple, where there's a will there's a way to inherit and to sneak your lover into your mother's house, or an evening of nostalgia at the operetta.

Performance Samples: Click on any of the titles below to listen to a sample of the performance.

Educational Program: Workshop of performance and teaching master-class for middle and high schools or adult community, if requested.

Tech Requirements: stage 18' x 24' or larger, tuned piano, lighting booth or string lights. Set-up time variable according to program.


  • Performance $1200 - 60 minutes. (shorter/longer negotiable) + travel (if applicable).
  • Educational $750/60 minutes, (negotiable)

Performance Venues:

  • Seattle Fringe Festival
  • Lewis & Clark Performing Arts Center, (Lewiston, ID)
  • Snoqualmie Valley Arts Festival

Chamber Opera Northwest is committed to giving Northwest artists the opportunity of presenting operas known and rare to the Northwest community. We want to share our love of opera with you. Our repertoire ranges from 30-minute one-actor pieces to full-length evenings. In addition to modestly staged productions, we offer programs of arias and ensemble pieces sung by an operatic quartet. Operas are either in original language with explanations or in current translations.

Possible Repertoire

BachThe Coffee Cantata (updated in English in latte-land)
MozartThe Impresario (two rivaling divas do in the director)
MozartBastien et Bastienne (magician helps true love to run its course)
PergolesiLa Serva Padrona ("there's no fool like an old fool" to quote his young maid-servant)
TelemannPimpinone (ditto)
GayThe Beggar's Opera (the original London Mack the Knife)
PucciniIl Tabarro (betrayal and revenge on the waterfront - the cloak is the clue)
BernsteinTrouble in Tahiti (media escapees from a yuppie marriage)
HindemithHin and Zurueck (Back and Forth - you get to do it all over)
OrffDie Kluge (The Wise Wife - a fairy tale)
StravinskyMavra (how to sneak your lover into your mother's house)
Wolf-FerrariSuzanne's Secret (it could be worse!)
Vaughn-WilliamsRiders to the Sea (fishermen lost at sea leave keening women behind)
Debussyl'Enfant Prodigue (The Prodigal Son)
(but he comes back)
Operetta Ballan evening of waltz and nostalgia with Herbert, Romberg, Strauss, Lehar et al)
DonizettiDon Pasquale (another old gentleman gets the cold shoulder)
LunaEl Nino Judio (Zarzuela)

"ha cantato il soprano Marianne Weltmann, accompangnata dalla bravissima Enza Ferrari. Sono tutt'e due artiste di buona linea, dotate di musicalitÓ e ben disposte nell'animo e nello stile. Il loro programma, cui ha assistito un numerosa pubblico, ha raccolto i pi¨ vivi consensi." - Corriere di'informazione - Venerdi-Sabato