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"Marianne weltmann is the ONLY person I trust with my voice. She is one of the truly great Masters of the bel canto technique. I fly from Sacramento, CA to study with her. What I learn, every lesson, is priceless!"
-Edie Delegans, Soprano

"Marianne is a gifted singer and knowledgeable teacher. She is a rare find who teaches vocal technique and enhances true artistry."
-Gail Moser, Soprano

"The best and most supportive teacher I've ever been blessed to work with!"
-Victoria Gydov, Soprano

"Mrs. Weltmann indeed has an outstanding reputation as a teacher of the bel canto tradition. If you are looking for first class vocal teaching you can't go wrong."
-Margie Skreen Dickerson, Accompanist

"A genuine pro who has seen (and sung) it all-- she has a great understanding of voice, technique, repertoire and presentation. Lucky to have her in the Northwest!"
-Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times Arts Critic

"Marianne was my teacher for many years and I consider her to be one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding vocal technique and how to sing healthily. She is the one I consider to be my ears on my own voice! She is a master detective of bad habits and gives you the right clues in how to solve your problems with your voice!"
-Jackie Boreson, Soprano

"Whenever I listen to old recordings of forgotten singers, I'm often struck by two things: 1) how unknown yet how good they were/are, presumably thanks to old school technique like our own Marianne Weltmann's (who teaches Lamperti's style, see the book Vocal Wisdom) and 2) how the distinctiveness of their voices and personalities comes through. Of course, the point of the technique was to bring out the personality/distinctiveness of the individual's voice rather than trying to make everone sound the same.
-Gino Lucchetti, Operatic Tenor

"Since I began to study singing, I have worked with sopranos, mezzos, tenors, and basses and topping the list is, interestingly enough considering my bass-baritone voice, the lyric-coloratura soprano, Marianne Weltmann! She has the knowledge, acute intelligence, linguist expertise, and experience as a performer to be able, I believe, work with all varieties of vocal types as well as the wide range of styles in the operatic/musical repertoire. This also includes "Broadway Belt," IF I am not mistaken. Although I have lived far from her Seattle base for sometime, I try to apply her technic ideas as much as possible. I give her the highest recommendation for any interested vocal student at whatever level they may be."
-Peter Graham Ashbaugh, Bass-Baritone

"Marianne is that perfect combination of wonderful singer, flawless technician, artist, and linguist. She knows the vocal mechanism as very few teachers, understands vocal styles and performance practice, and is knowledgeable and fluent in all the major languages that singers must know. She brings to her teaching a wealth of performing experience, in opera and in art song. Any serious singer, who wants to polish his/her skills for recital, stage performance, or major auditions could find no better teacher to work with or to learn from. It has been my privilege to work with her in recital, and to accompany her students in her voice studio in Seattle."
-Dr. Michael Kelly

"Marianne was the teacher who really helped me unlock my breath and feel like I could always sing with freedom."
-Peggy Kurtz

"Marianne is the best at opening up the voice and shaping it into a world-class instrument"
-Marco Varela

"I have been privileged to experience Marianne as a voice teacher and to perform with her. Her knowledge and understanding of the voice, repertoire, the world of performing, and of music in general, is truly universal. It is fascinating to see how she blends her European roots with the American experience."
-Dr. Hartwig Eichberg, conductor and pianist

"Marianne is a force of nature. I found her at a time when my voice was so broken by bad teaching I could barely phonate. With patience, humor and devotion, she put it back together in time for my Seattle Opera debut, for which I'll be forever grateful."
-Marc Acito

"Marianne Weltmann has impeccable knowledge of opera and vocal instruction."
-Carol Stanton

"I consider Marianne to be my singing mentor. In the 20+ years that I have known her, she has been an unfailing and invaluable well of musical and vocal knowledge to me. She is responsible for helping me build the technique that has been the foundation for all of my performing, regardless of style. She not only taught me how to sing well, she gave me the deepest understanding of how my particular instrument works--so that I know my voice through and through. Marianne helped me to refine my own musicality and prepared me to become a private voice teacher myself. I consider my study with her to be the cornerstone of my singing development."
-Mary Jo DuGaw

"I have been studying with Ms. Weltmann for over a year now. She is a master technician who has a complete understanding of the mechanics of the voice, and the mind-body-voice connection. You can put your voice in her hands and completely trust her to do what is best for you and your voice."
-Alexandra Picard

"Marianne is an extraordinary teacher. She was able to take my voice (which had many "problems" that I'd developed over the years) and tell me how, physically, to play my instrument. She taught with both pragmatic intelligence, but with insights into my own character. She found where there were blocks in my vocal expression, and helped me to release them. She has a gift to share with any student who wishes to learn the art of singing."
-Susan Evans

"When I arrived from Denver, I was immediately was referred to Marianne. Her no nonsense, solve the problem attitude helped me get back my high notes I hadn't had in years. She's one of the finest teachers I've ever had (and I've had a lot). I use what she taught in my own teaching and recommend her highly!"
-Sherri Brookfield-Jordan, N.A.T.S., Nationally Certified Voice Teacher-M.T.N.A., Who's Who Among America's Teachers-2002, 2005

"Marianne's talent for teaching lies as much in her very solid knowledge of the human voice, its capabilities and limits as her inextinquishable ability to explain technical aspects in many alternate methods until a student is able to grasp the concept and move forward."
-Stuart Lutzenhiser

"In my years of work with Marianne, she has demonstrated a breadth of knowledge in repertoire, especially in opera and art songs. She excels in teaching traditions in song presentation and interpretation, language pronunciation, and ornamentation usage. She also has provided me guidance in my own work with students when I have needed clarification on vocal issues. She continues to be a wonderful mentor and friend to me."
-Jacalyn Schneider Boreson, M.A., Voice Instructor and Mental Health Counselor

"I owe my growth as a musician and the development of my voice, not to mention my position in the Seattle Opera Chorus to Marianne's great teaching and support. I had had excellent training before meeting Marianne. But from my first lesson in 1996 she was able to pinpoint the specific areas that needed substantial improvement and immediately outlined a strategy for me to get there. Her advice was not just limited to the voice - she sent me to the gym with specific instructions on how to improve my posture, which was then sorely needed. Marianne has always encouraged me to push myself - to try new repertoire, but has been realistic as well and has reigned me in as needed.
Maybe the best compliment about Marianne's great teaching, particularly for tenors, came from former Seattle Opera Chorusmaster George Fiore. We were preparing for a quartet performance for which George was accompanying and, as I began to intone the Rigoletto Quartet, he turned to her and said: 'What are you. A tenor Factory?" It was one of the best compliments I've ever received. Thank you Marianne."
-David Bukey

"Marianne is a phenomenal asset to the Seattle and Northwest region. Fabulous as teacher, fabulous as singer. Her instruction has preened and polished my voice as well as many of our most prestigious singers here in the Northwest. Marianne, the only Bel Canto voice teacher in the Northwest far outshines any voice coach or teacher I've ever had. Even after visiting Portland and New York City for well touted teachers, I never encountered any better than Marianne Weltmann. She is thorough and works with great insight and technical talent to draw forth beauty from the voice. She trains the Best because she IS the BEST! I Love her and am tremendously grateful for her artistic work upon me."
-Mary Ann Gonzales

“For me, Marianne was the teacher who put it all together; in every lesson I gained a new pearl, and often, that pearl was a black one! What do I mean by that? Simply, that Marianne's extensive knowledge and extraordinary ability to communicate with me, her student, were key in my understanding and acquiring proper Italianate Technique. What I gained in her studio is in my estimation priceless. She is a Master of her craft.”
-Elizabeth Ripley

“I've been with teachers all over the country and have always come back to Marianne, because she is a truly amazing voice teacher and person.”
-Anne Rose Bergsma

“Marianne Weltman is simply the best voice teacher I know and have ever known. I know many performers (not just singers) who have very similar opinions of her. Marianne has been my teacher, supporter, comrade and director, but most of all a good friend. Marianne is one of those rare teachers that give you freedom to develop. When she has given you the tools to hone your skill as an artist she lets you (indeed encourages you to) grow on your own. I can think of no higher praise for a teacher.”
-Brian Box


"Marianne Weltmann's flexible voice showed itself to best advantage in the Rossini group 'La Regata Veneziana.' She coped with the colortura engagingly, giving the songs flourish and brilliance."

- The New York Times