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Master classes in vocal performance repertoire and language coaching available with Marianne. VIDEO LESSONS available now via Skype or Zoom, students from all locations welcome!

  • Bel Canto Singing Technique
  • Breath Control
  • Postural Alignment
  • Musical Style Coaching
  • Foreign Language Translation

In the News

Marianne Weltmann was interviewed as part of the Belonging(s) Project which inspired the central figures in Seattle Opera's "An American Dream."

Seattle Times excerpt: In her libretto, Moo, a fiction writer and journalist who is also Seattle Opera's communications editor, interwove memories contributed by two local residents.

Marianne Weltmann, a German Jewish musician and teacher, came to the U.S. as a child to escape Nazi oppression. Author and speaker Mary Matsuda Gruenewald, a Vashon Island native, spent part of her childhood incarcerated in Japanese -American internment centers during World War II.

Moo met with both women, who are now in their 80s, to learn more about their backgrounds. "Marianne is a fascinating woman, a vocal coach and former University of Washington music teacher and an opera singer herself," she noted. Gruenewald and Weltmann inspired the central figures in "An American Dream," but Moo used different names and fictionalized the characters. And Perla expressed their perceptions and feelings via his Debussy-influenced score.

Comments from Students

"Marianne weltmann is the ONLY person I trust with my voice. She is one of the truly great Masters of the bel canto technique. I fly from Sacramento, CA to study with her. What I learn, every lesson, is pricelienss!" -Edie Delegans, Soprano

"Marianne was my teacher for many years and I consider her to be one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding vocal technique and how to sing healthily. She is the one I consider to be my ears on my own voice! She is a master detective of bad habits and gives you the right clues in how to solve your problems with your voice!" -Jackie Boreson, Soprano

"I'd like to recognize Marianne Weltmann who I believe is the most knowledgeable and finest voice teacher this side of the Atlantic. How does she inspire? She finds a way with ever student to properly use their voices so they can create the song of their heart. Without the foundational technique she provides, we can sing notes, but we can't express ourselves in our true voice. Whether the desire is to sing classical music, jazz, musical comedy, etc. It can't be done safely without the right vocal foundation. What a joy it has been to be her student and her friend. THANK YOU, Marianne!" - Leslie Brownell Malek

"She walks the talk vocalizing every day and who in their 80s can boast of high Fs (and even higher). On pitch! She doesn't tolerate complaints of 'I'm too old, I can't...' She knows the voice. Use it or lose it." - Anne Foster Angelou"

Listen to Marianne: Click on any of the titles below to listen to a sample of her performance.

"Marianne Weltmann, as the Queen of the Night sang the spectacular, lofty and florid arias of that role with becoming taste and accuracy."
-The Oregonian